Rodin Museum

Located in the heart of downtown Seoul, South Korea, the Rodin Museum is situated adjacent to the South Gate, the ceremonial entrance into the old city which occupies a sacred place in Korean cultural memory. Given its location, the project creates a contrast between the primary rectilinear buildings on the site and the new intervention. The museum’s fragmented curves reinforce the distinct character of its form: the elusive nature of the curves fold space in such a way as to make it difficult to distinguish inside from outside. This ambiguity plays with the observer’s perceptions of the urban condition. The project was primarily designed around two of Auguste Rodin’s sculptural masterpieces– ‘The Burghers of Calais’ and ‘The Gates of Hell.' This 25,000 square-foot museum contains galleries, offices and a bookstore. (Images taken by Timothy Hursley and Kim Yong Kwan)

Samsung Plaza, Seoul, South Korea 1999

Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal

World Trade Center Site Viewing Platform

Kevin Kennon, David Rockwell, Liz Diller and Ric Scofidio conceived of the Ground Zero Viewing Platform to provide approximately 1 million visitors an unobstructed view of the remains of the World Trade Center. The rectangular, fenced-in structure is located on Church Street alongside the cemetery behind the historic St. Paul’s Church and within view of City Hall.

The 13-foot-high stage at one end of the plywood structure accommodates a dozen people at a time standing side-by-side, while 300 people slowly move up and down the ramps. Visitors have views of the huge red cranes and other machinery that have been at work day and night since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

New York, NY 2001

David Rockwell, Liz Diller, Ric Scofidio


The Incubator is a new type of building. It is a place for visual and performing artists to live and work. It is a public building, providing an open environment where people can come to see exhibitions,work-in-progress,theater performances, film and video, and music. It is a social place where artists can gather with colleagues to exchange ideas and interact with the community. It is a through-block connection. It is a catalyst for cultural development in Lower Manhattan.

The Incubator won the 2006 AIA Design Award.

New York, NY 2004

Kevin Kennon Architects with Rockwell Group P.C.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The site is located along the Tidal Basin in line between the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. The design is approached along intersecting symbolic axes that align with major monuments and memorials in the city that are relevant to Dr. King’s life and the struggle for equal civil rights. The centerpieces of the memorial are a transparent glass outdoor room which is etched with the words of Dr. King, an existing elm tree, and stone seating area configured as a chapel. KKA was placed as the 2nd place winner out of a field of 1,000 entries.(Renderings by DBox)

(Model Image taken by Jock Pottle/ESTO)

Washington, DC 2000 Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal

Columbus Indiana Learning Center

A 123,000 square-foot project, the Columbus Indiana Learning Center is a state of the art space created to meet the community’s educational and workforce needs.The building will be flexible enough to accommodate the expansion of Indiana University / Purdue University Columbus, Purdue School of Technology Columbus,and Ivy Tech State College Columbus.

The Center’s location between existing buildings serves to bridge the physical and psychological gap between institutions. An enclosed pathway and main gathering spaces at either end further encourages this flow. Wired lounges punctuate the corridor to facilitate interaction. Stairs rise from these areas to high-tech education spaces that are interspersed with counseling and assessment services.

The Columbus Indiana Learning Center won the 2001 New York City AIA Project Design Award. A 123,000 square-foot project, the Columbus Indiana Learning Center is a state of the art space created to meet the community’s educational and workforce needs.The building will be flexible enough to accommodate the expansion of Indiana University / Purdue University Columbus, Purdue School of Technology Columbus,and Ivy Tech State College Columbus.

Columbus, NY 2005 (Images taken by Woodruff/Brown and Molly McGowan)

Robert Frost Library Amherst College

This proposed renovation to the primary student library at Amherst College is an opportunity to update the library’s operations to take advantage of new media and virtual educational environments.  The desire to maintain the campus identity and tie the building back into it both materially and programmatically yielded an intervention that is at once modern,and still retains and restores the spirit of the original 1963 library design. The project consists of several phases of intervention ranging from a façade renovation, to fully reprogramming and refinishing the library’s interior, including new centralized circulation and a 5-floor atrium.

Amherst, MA 2007

Culver Academy Music School

Through extensive site analysis of the Culver Academies’ lakeside location, and the site’s roadside location, we envisioned a new Music Building as a gateway building for the high school campus.  We situated the program of the new music facility in the context of the arts on campus, and designed the building with attention to the traditional aesthetic that holds such a strong presence on campus.

The interior and  specific areas are outfitted with state of the art, modern technology in order to best serve the range of acoustic demands within the building. Careful site analysis identified strong orthogonal and symmetrical relationships between buildings as well as within each singular structure. The positioning and overall site strategy was thus informed by these existing axial relationships.

An integrated landscape approach is a vital component to the proposal. The sloped site encouraged a unique opportunity for the proposal to be built into the site. Additionally, vegetative plantings on the podium roof provide the building with a rainwater runoff management system as well as an inviting outdoor roof terrace with beautiful campus and lake views.

Culver, IN

University of Chicago School of Business

This new 250,000 square-foot facility includes state-of-the-art classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, faculty/staff offices, and lounges. The design inflects towards major landmarks of the campus including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House and Bertram Goodhue’s Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. The interior courtyard is a modern interpretation of the collegiate Gothic quadrangles characteristic of the University.

Chicago, IL

YES! The Bronx

The ‘YES the Bronx’ Observation Tower consists of a raised platform, which stands 176 feet tall, a central access elevator, and two spiraling structural stairways which branch to support the 85 foot square glass enclosure. The proposal is in concert with an ongoing public campaign that began in the Bronx in 2006. Visitors to the proposal are invited to ascend the structure, and look out upon the landscapes of the Bronx and Manhattan.

The proposal is sited in a high-visibility location on the Bronx waterfront, thus encouraging public exposure and curiosity about the meaning of the structure and the campaign YES the Bronx itself. The enclosed space above is envisioned to host cultural and community events, while providing an opportunity to incite enthusiasm about the future of the Bronx among residents, as well as visitors.

Bronx, NY 2009