Sanya Resort

“Sanya Shangri-La” is located on the southern edge of Hainan Island, China with a view to the South China Sea. Each building is precisely sculpted to maximize views and privacy, and their arrangement is carefully designed to flow with the contours of the land.

One approaches a landscaped public plaza which transitions into an outdoor lobby area for the 350-room five-star hotel. Every floor of the hotel rotates just slightly, creating an organic form of the overall structure which imitates the surrounding mountains and creates a natural composition with the rest of the site. A high-rise residential tower acts as a focal point for orientation and is a symbol and signature for not just this site but for the peninsula.

The 23 apartment and condominium buildings range from 2-5 stories in height and form a continuous ribbon which starts just west of the tower and winds down the site following the contours of the land. Private villas face in on two landscaped water features on either side of the site. Roads are separated from pedestrian paths and the number of vehicles is minimized to make the project as natural and environmentally friendly as possible.

Sanya, Hainan Island, China 2006

UN City

Kevin Kennon led an international architecture team including Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Toyo Ito, Arup, Olin Partnership, and D.I.R.T. Studio in a competition for a Master Plan of the isolated nine acre site: the formerly owned Consolidated Edison power plant along the East River, south of the United Nations, Tudor City and Murray Hill.

Calling for an innovative model of a new urban condition for living, working, shopping and playing, the proposal consisted of four distinct towers each with its own programmatic character. One singular support structure connecting two of the towers reinforces the axis and the presence of the overall scheme.  The strategically placed towers enrich the Manhattan skyline and the overall design opens the possibility of continuous interaction, not only within UN City but also with its well-known neighbors.

New York, NY 2003 Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal

Haikou Villas

Located on a 40,000 square-meter site on the northern edge of Hainan Island, China, with views of the Hainan Strait, this resort community is a destination for luxurious and healthy living. The program includes 20,800square meters of various sized villas, a hotel, and a community center. Theunits are placed within a structural framework giving them the height for amagnificent view over the community and towards the nearby ocean. The varioussized villas are nestled in a landscape of bamboo which creates a privatesanctuary for each homeowner; however, each is elevated off the ground to allowfor ocean views and create a unique entry into the home. The community center cradles the villas while providing necessities and luxuries for everyday life.

Hainan Island, China 2008

City Lights

The City Lights Competition called for an innovative redesign of the New York City street lamp that would acknowledge the present and future of the ubiquitous fixture.

Street-o-matic is our response to the long list of configurations required to provide for an ever-evolving city. Multiple lighting configurations rotate and adjust to any location. The light pole is zoned by height for different urban activities. Street clutter is reduced by integrating payphones, waste baskets and benches around the light pole. Add-ons are clamped around indentations in the pole surface to lock seamlessly into a smooth profile.

Each pole would also generate revenue from advertising, Wifi nodes, and cellular repeaters as well as an ‘adopt-a-light’ program and vendor contracts

New York, NY