Tian Fang Tower

Kevin Kennon, International architect, is designing a new landmark building for Eco-City,Tianjin,China, a joint development between china and Singapore. This 120,000 square meter 45 floor office tower and luxury shopping center, developed by Tianjin Real Estate Development & Management Group,LTD, utilizes the most advanced sustainable and biophilic design strategies and technologies to reconnect people with nature. Tian Fang Tower is inspired by the form and growth of bamboo forests. Tian Fang generates 20% of its clean energy on site-through a combination of hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, and wind turbines while simultaneously conserving 20% of the energy used by a similar fully-occupied mixed-use tower. Once completed in early 2015, Tian Fang will be one of the most advanced sustainable commercial buildings in China.

Eco-City, Tianjin, China 2015

Doha Luxury Hotel

Located on a prominent, waterside lot in Doha, Qatar, the 46-floor Doha Hotel balances the highly prescriptive programmatic requirements of a five star hotel and luxury condominium with a high performance environmental design for the demanding Arabian climate. Conceptually, the Doha Hotel consists of two parts: a rationalized inner volume housing the major elements of the building, and a contoured outer skin of semi-enclosed terraces.

The inner volume maintains the standards for a five star hotel in an efficiently stacked tower. Floors are designed for idealized room dimensions, seamless service, maximum view, and ease of housekeeping. The design draws its iconic form from a performative translation of local climactic conditions into expressive balconies that give shape to the tower. In the same manner that an airfoil pulls wind across its surfaces, the building’s contours lean into the predominant wind currents to draw air into the building for ventilation and cooling.

Doha, Qatar 2009

Pier 17

This iconic waterfront project includes a 300 room luxury hotel, a conference center, shops, restaurants, a health club, and a 1,800 seat signature performance theater for Cirque du Soleil. The 830,000 square-foot project is conceived as the eastern anchor of the newly envisioned Fulton Street corridor, and is in dialogue with the Freedom Tower at its opposite end.  Its characteristic shape and materiality are evocative of the pier’s nautical history as well as the nomadic tent structures unique to the circus.

In concert with the East River waterfront master planning studies undertaken by the city, this project stands to revitalize existing retail developments at South Street Seaport and along the FDR highway. The project will also provide the city with a distinctive cultural venue, a luxury visitor destination, and an iconographic architectural treasure.

New York, NY 2004 Kevin Kennon Architects, P.C. with Rockwell Group

World Trade Center Competition

United Architects has proposed a scheme that is in itself a memorial, consisting of an interconnected series of five buildings that create a cathedral-like enclosure. A vast public plaza and park is formed around the connected former tower footprints by a protective ring of new towers.

The inspiration for United Architects’ design was to create a living memorial that develops over time. The entire World Trade Center site, from the earth to the sky, becomes both a monument to the past and a vision for the future. The two inviolate footprints frame the view upward to the United Towers that enclose and protect the site as the towers come together to form a continuous ring at the 60th floor.

The memorial experience continues into dedicated elevators that bring visitors up to a Sky Memorial at the top of tower one. The Sky Memorial, like the Victims’ Family Viewing Room, gives a view back down to the site from a great height

New York, NY Kevin Kennon with United Architects

AD Co-Op Tower/Hotel

This 185,800 square-meter mixed use tower, located in a prominent urban area of Abu Dhabi,features a series of shifting volumes which maximize the sea view and efficiently distribute the program.  The podium houses retail spaces, restaurants, a spa/health club, and conference center.  Two towers rise above this podium: a slender serviced residential tower and an office tower.  The ballroom volume, cantilevering and hovering atop, joins the volumes together and provides event space with spectacular water views.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2007

Gold Street Hotel

This 270,000 square-foot, 360 room hotel is situated in downtown Manhattan at the corner of Pearl and Platte Streets. It includes meeting rooms,conference facilities, an indoor pool, a restaurant and retail spaces. This is the last of a three-phase mixed-use complex by Rockrose Development Corporation that covers this block.

An urban plaza on the northwest corner creates an unexpected garden in this densely built part of the city, which leads to the hotel lobby and a covered retail arcade extending through to Platte Street. The massing of the building accentuates the dramatic penetration of the tower’s base as the materiality of the facade is carefully constrained and simplified to create a counterpoint to the frenetic urban context. Glass of varying opacity, dot screen printing and built-in facade lighting give the architecture a playful poise, and an intimate immediacy within the life of the plaza.

New York, NY 2006