CC Apartment

This 15,000 square-foot private residence occupies the upper two penthouse levels of a New York City high-rise apartment building. Floor to ceiling glass afford full 180 degree views outward while the interior maintains an open spacious character. Continuity of space is enhanced by a two story glass enclosed garden wrapped by a glass staircase. A series of large-scale motorized pocket doors can close at a moment’s notice to provide intimate seating areas in a more private setting.

New York, NY 2007

157 Hudson Street

The historic American Express Building is situated in the heart of Tribeca. This project includes a full interior renovation and residential conversion a restoration of the original façade, and a two-story 22,500 square-foot penthouse addition. Issues of visibility and a sensitive relationship to the existing building were paramount. In order to yield spatial dominance to this historic landmark, the addition consists of a playful arrangement of glass volumes that appear and disappear above the existing parapet. These volumes are derived from interior spaces whose proportions shift according to the domestic events they afford.

New York, NY 2005

450 W 42nd Street

This high-rise residential building at 450 West 42nd Street functions as an extension of the Times Square district. It includes a theater and retail on the lower levels and seventy-five floors of condos and rental apartments above. The proposed design was envisioned as a conventional window-wall high-rise with undulating balcony profiles that animate its facades, thus enlivening the building’s massing without necessitating the construction of a custom curtain-wall. This is an example of how manipulating a subtle component, such as balconies, within a conventional building system can achieve an entirely unconventional effect.

New York, NY 2003

111 Leroy Street

This 105,898 square-foot high end residential project is located on the west side of New York City. It includes 30 luxury condos, private terraces, and a landscaped backyard court.  The façade is designed parametrically to produce multiple versions of the concrete divisions thus producing numerous variations in a short period of time.  The architectural concrete façade is designed to be structural, thus eliminating the need for perimeter columns and producing unobstructed views out from each condominium. The sixth floor base includes 25 units while the top floors include five units and generous private terrace space.

New York, NY 2008


KKA was asked to participate in a Sketchpad project by the New York Times. This series of week-long hypothetical projects show how a firm can create something interesting and functional from what seems to be an unattractive and restrictive space. The space is located on 57th street between 1st and 2nd Avenue in New York City.

The design is for a private art gallery which combines innovatively and efficiently with a living space. The new live/work program provides an efficient re-design. Artwork hangs on sliding vertical storage panels that can be pulled out to display and then pushed back to open up the space.

The placement of custom furniture and partitions were created synonymously with our initial sectional cuts which created a more open multi-use space. To help eliminate excess furniture, many of the custom pieces are designed to fill multiple programmatic roles. Finally, we transformed the existing light shaft into a winter garden for art and leisure.

New York, NY