Macy's Herald Square

Macy’s, Inc. unveiled an unprecedented, multi-year renovation that would reinvent and elevate the shopping experience at Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square in New York City. Our team restored and redesigned the store’s exterior to recapture its original grandeur and take full advantage of foot traffic along America’s top retailing block. The ornate “Memorial Entrance” on 34th Street was restored and reopened. Windows along Broadway, 34th Street and Seventh Avenue, which had been covered up over the years, were reopened. Windows on the mezzanine were also uncovered to allow more natural light into the building. Awnings and canopies reminiscent of the original building were added. New exterior lighting highlights the building’s elegant architectural details.

(Photograph by Donna Dotan Photography)

New York, NY 2013

Glendale Galleria

Our challenge has been to rethink the 1.5 million Square foot Glendale Galleria to create a new shopping experience that encompasses the most forward looking concepts in retail design. We have completely transformed the mall into a vibrant destination enhancing the world class shops and department stores.

One of the most prominent features is a new black stone runway that ramps through the exterior to the interior and diffuses into a distinctive pixilated floor pattern that reverberates throughout the mall. We have opened up sight lines by exposing and enhancing the sculptural beauty of the ceiling vaults, eliminated most the brick for a more elegant feel, and created a stronger connection throughout the mall with escalator reconfiguration, ultimately achieving the goal of giving the Glendale Galleria customer a new and improved shopping experience.

Glendale, CA 2013


Bloomingdale’s Glendale rejuvenates and reinvigorates the pre-existing brick building through the design of a new pixelated facade.  We developed a pattern of 2’x2’ squares in an array of materials, including glass, metal, and marble.  The visual appearance of this project relates to the adjacent Glendale Galleria, establishing a fully-integrated design strategy for both renovations.

Glendale, CA 2013

Palo Alto

The unique site conditions for this project gave us an opportunity to design a new, from-the-ground-up, Bloomingdale's building that addressed two distinct scales: the vehicular scale along El Camino Real and the pedestrian scale within the Stanford Shopping Center. These observations, along with our prevailing winds and sun angles analyses, allowed us to develop a design with a strategically placed facade materials and entrances. We were able to maximize the interior retail space while establishing an overall exterior massing that allowed the building to fit properly within the scale of its surroundings. Highly visible from the street and accessible from the shopping center, Bloomingdale's Stanford is a prominent shopping destination.

Palo Alto, CA 2013


This 270,175 square-foot project anchors a developing mall in North Miami. Preceding the construction of this building, new regulations were put in place for hurricane resistant facades. This project responded by incorporating a system of perforated metal panels as a secondary curtain wall that permit light and visibility, while achieving this high standard for life safety in hurricane conditions. The facade shimmers in daylight and glows at night. The interior spaces receive generous daylight through a combination of transparent and translucent glass.

Miami, FL 1997 Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal


This project involved the construction of a 255,000 square-foot anchor store for Bloomingdale’s in an automobile dominated environment. Rather than shy away from it, the project utilizes that automobile culture. With parking lots surrounding three sides of the structure, the car dominated ground plane rises, twists and folds to define and enclose the structure’s spaces. The materials, painted metal stairs and glass, reiterate that connection. To ensure the legibility of the building in this fast paced environment, the design incorporates bold colors and graphics. The billboard-like signage makes it stands out within a network of highways and interstates.

Orlando, FL 2004 Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal

San Francisco

The San Francisco Centre is home to the second largest Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom in the country. The development’s project includes a $410 million, 1.5 million-square-foot expansion transforming the landmark Emporium building and the existing San Francisco Centre which includes a combined commercial venue, Bloomingdale’s,and additional mixed use programs. In addition,the center features 200 specialty stores and exclusive boutiques, fine dining,an international gourmet marketplace, first-class office space and a nine-screen Century Theaters multiplex.

San Francisco, CA 2006 Kohn Pedersen Fox, Kevin Kennon Design Principal

Costa Mesa

In another renovation for Federated Department Stores, this 290,000 square-foot conversion is part of the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa,California, between Los Angeles and San Diego on the 405 Freeway. As a flagship Bloomingdale’s store, identity and visibility were the driving concerns. The large scale of the building is mediated on the long facades by the introduction of periodic openings and a subtle grid of recessed step lights.

On the short facade facing the freeway the design takes advantage of the scale and simplicity of the building to create a 10,000 square-foot identity surface. This surface is a freestanding point-supported structural glass Pilkington wall with back-lit translucent glass. Transparent glass is used intermittently to provide ‘windows’ to the ground floor interior. The signage is integrated into the glass as a custom screen pattern in the ceramic frit.

Costa Mesa, CA 2007

Chestnut Hill

The existing store at Chestnut Hill, near Boston, is Bloomingdale’s highest-grossing store in the nation. As such, the conversion of a neighboring 180,000 square-foot Filene’s store demanded an elegance that reflects its importance, along with simplicity and restraint that suits the quiet affluence of the Chestnut Hill community. This facade features framed Pilkington structural glass openings to the interior behind which hang delicate Mylar fabric curtains. This near-visibility hints at a kind of coy reserve that is at once striking and subdued. Monolithic storefront glass at the ground floor creates optimal merchandising opportunities, while the granite planter and bed of wheatgrass lend it a sumptuous tactility.

(Images taken by Steve Dunwell)

Chestnut Hill, MA 2006

Santa Monica

Bloomingdale's - Santa Monica is the renovation of an existing 1970’s era department store. Only blocks away from the beach, the design expresses the contextual dialog between the ocean and the adjacent commuter train station. Afield of 7,000 reflective, movable 10” round stainless steel discs animates the façade as it responds to the naturally undulating ocean breeze. A new corner entrance is an urban response to the future commuter train station across the intersection.

(Photographs taken by Cristian Costea)

Santa Monica, CA 2013

100 William Street

The once low-visibility retail location in the atrium at 100 William Street is now alive with contemporary whimsy. A simple metal-clad enclosure with a playful sculptural element on top adds visual,auditory, and kinetic interest to the existing space. The enclosure features an uninterrupted‘picture window’ that forms a connection between the juice bar and the atrium. An array of thin aluminum rods spike upward from the roof of the enclosure; lit from their base, they sway,shimmer, and rustle with the movement of the wind through the atrium. Think:‘Airstream meets Chia Pet’.

New York, NY 2008

Fashion Island Newport

Newport Beach, CA

Bloomingdale's Ala Moana

Honolulu, HI

Bloomingdale's Concept Store: American Dreams

Meadowlands, NJ

Felix Alta Plaza

A new 3,184m2 mid-market department store in Panama City. Design intent is to create wide open sense of visual expansion. The walls are designed as a pleated translucent fabric to enhance the visibility of the perimeter. Fixtures are kept low and easily accessible. Different types of wood fixtures, porcelain wood flooring, contemporary pop art, and precision lighting work together to create a feeling of causal style and fun.

Panama City, Panama

Felix Town Center

A new 5,103m2 upscale department store in a prominent location in Panama City. Our design intent is to create a wide open sense of visual expansion. Walls are designed with a layers of translucent fabric lit as a series of theatrical scrims to enhance the visibility of the perimeter. Different types of wood fixtures, porcelain wood flooring, porcelain tile with marbleized appearance, contemporary art, integrated video installation and precision lighting work together to create a feeling of elegance and luxury and a unique customer experience.

Panama City, Panama

BHG Hefei

A new 135,778m2 mixed-use building consisting of 34,780m2 92m high office, 45,335m2 5 level shopping center, 12,560m2 5 level department store and an 14,490m2 public plaza on an 43,103m2 underground parking podium. The design intent is to create a new brand identity for BHG that incorporates different types of sparkling vision glass on the exterior with an interior designed to maximize circulation flow. The glass is illuminated from behind to produce a magical effect as the atmosphere transforms from day to night. The plaza is meticulously landscaped to provide plenty of trees and accessible green areas for people to relax, meet and shop.

Hefei, People's Republic of China

BHG Shanxi

A new 99,861m2 6 level shopping center, and an 9,325m2 public plaza on an underground parking podium. The design intent is to create a contemporary bold design for BHG that incorporates elongated pixelated glass that wraps the facade in a sleek geometric skin. The glass is illuminated from behind to produce a mysterious effect as the atmosphere transforms from day to night.

Taiyuan, People's Republic of China