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“Scaffolding” Kicks off Archtober at the Center for Architecture


Scaffolding curated by Greg Barton, examines the extraordinary applications of scaffolding as a kit-of-parts technology to provide novel forms of inhabitation and access. Through an installation designed by Shohei Shigematsu and OMA New York with graphic design by MTWTF, Scaffolding will disrupt the architectural space of the Center for Architecture, instilling a new appreciation of scaffolding and its transformative potential.

The new World Trade Center could have been a 70-story interconnected ‘city in the sky' 

Nearly 15 years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the area of downtown Manhattan that was destroyed is nearly rebuilt. The soaring Freedom Tower now stands taller than any other building in the city, and the cascading memorials sit dark and solemn in memory of those who lost their lives.

"Architecture can feel like a paltry gesture in times like ours"

Meaningful architectural reactions to crises may take time, but quick temporary structures can be just as effective, and both are far preferable to not responding at all.

City Landscapes, Retail Reflections

SoHo’s creative energy drives a new retail model

Passage To Panama

Luxury department store Felix B. Maduro drops its anchor in Panama’s Soho Mall


Good Design Is Good Business

You don't need retail savvy to sense the success of the two-year-old women's shoe department on the second floor of Macy's Herald Square. A consolidation of smaller, obscure shops scattered around the building, the 39,000-square-foot sales area offers an array of footwear from luxury to budget, arranged by type or brand in individual boutiques or open 'rooms.' It also features a caf', with newly exposed windows overlooking Broadway.

Daytonian in Manhattan

The stories behind the buildings, statues and other points of interest that make Manhattan fascinating.

A Touch of Artistic License

DO you remember that smart, funny guy in high school who was so nice he danced with the girl nobody else would dance with? Kevin Kennon, now a high-powered architect with an office in Lower Manhattan, is that guy.

The Story Behind the First Piece of Public Architecture at Ground Zero 

In the weeks after 9/11, two NYC architects undertook a bold first step in memorializing the site of the fallen towers.